With Lamp out for Wolf Run this particular Friday, he turned the keys over to me.  Felt like a teenager whose parents had left town.  Surely I would screw something up, but hopefully he wouldn’t find out.  ETA: Thought about “While the Cats Away…” as the BB title but then changed it when I remembered some shenanigans that I’ll get to later….read on.

The 6 others rolled up just before 6am making me worry if anyone would show.  Would I do the workout alone? Would I just go to Brueggers (probably)?  Anyway, no worries I had company and we were off (Being that the BB is 6 days later and I had no notes, some info below is from memory or what I had planned in my mind):

Warm-up:  Short jog around parking log; circle up for SSH x 15, GM x 15, Fazio AC x 10 each way; Std Merkins x 15.

The Thang:  Run down dirt road with numerous dirt mounds, left at the road down to barricade at the bottom.  Quick feet x 20; back to barricade / wall for derkins x 15.  Run long back stretch of road.  At the end, std merkins x 15.  Run back to barricade area was Myrtle’s choice:  combo of karaoke each way, back pedal, and normal jog.  Back at curbs for quick feet x 15; derkins x 15.

Jog back down long stretch to small parking lot (yes, we by-passed the manure bags this time).  Follow the lead paint the lines x 2.  Plank while everyone finished then 10 merkins.

Jog to long stretch of bricks between the grassy quads for ladders.  3 ladders with cones zig-zagged between each ladder (covering 80 yards or so).  3 times through the ladder / cone set-up with no repeats on ladders during each set.  2nd and 3rd times required plank walk on middle ladder.

Move to grassy area to the right for chariot races.  Myrtle asks something like “is it ok to have a 3-way”….naturally I replied, “umm, no, not that kind”.  The “normal” odd man out would simply sprint alone, but YHC looks over and Myrtle is in some sort of 3-man chariot with Munson and T-Square (sorry if I got the “partners” wrong as I’d hate to be wrongly affiliated with what they were doing).  And unlike my normal Seinfeld, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”….there definitely was something wrong with this!  Hey, however you 5 Points guys want to do things though.  I just hate that I can’t unsee that.  Anyway, few times back and forth (yep, I finally snapped one of the bands on TARP but he tried to say they were getting brittle…whatever! #power).  After few times, switch to bear crawl chariots.  I don’t think Myrtle and crew did these in 3-way, but I didn’t look honestly.

After chariots over, run down quad to find a stone wall of adequate height.  L / R step OYO x 20; Jump up x 15 OYO; decline merkins x 15 OYO.

Return to ladder area for one more run though ladders.  Plank while everyone waits and then 5 merkins.

Jog to stairs for wheelbarrows up stairs, jog down, flap jack.  Jog over to wall for people’s chair for 10 count each.  Lastly, find a table for more derkins on my count with holds at the bottom as I saw fit.  Naturally Myrtle’s poor form caused us to do more than intended.

Return to quad for Mary chosen by Pax….don’t recall honestly, mind still blown from the chariots.


Komen 6/14; Mule 10/25

Prayers for Dufresne, prayers for TARP and Myrtle as they deal with new babies and the challenges that presents on the family.