PAX stood in a large circle @ 5:43 AM. Q was YHC, unannounced because that’s how I roll. Conversations were probably something like this…

Crikey: “Who’s the Q?”

Cornholio: “I don’t know”

Shaggy: “Where is Johnny Utah?”

Cinderella: “Who knows”

Chong Li:  “Where the F is Utah.. he told me to show and is going fartsack”

White Shoe: Thinking to himself… Probably got something up his sleeve…

And…. Que up the Cow Bell into Low Rider –  YHC pulls up in Busey’s Titan loaded down with 2000 lbs of sand bags in the bed…


And shit got real.

Warm-up = Grab a sandbag

Run down and out parks bottom corner @ Glen Eden – Circle Up

SB Set # 1 x 3

  • SB Shoulder Squat x 25
  • Flutter w/ SB over head x 25
  • Chest to SB Merkin x 15

Run up Glen Edens Hill left on Edwards Mill through woods back into parking lot

Stand on a parking line

SB Set # 2 x 3

  • SB Good Morning x 20
  • SB overhead press x 15
  • Lunge walk parking line and back with SB overhead

Run to Baseball field numero dos

Find a spot on the Outfield/ Infield split

SB Set # 3 x 3

  • SB down sprint to Outfield fence
  • B2W x 20
  • Sprint back to SB
  • WW2 Situp w/ SB overhead x 20

Sandbags found a home off the Dawn Patrol trail


Floppy Disk took us out with the prayer

Announcements –

Shaggy Challenge = Hit every F3 Raleigh workout site in a month