The humidity was ripe this morning as 16 pax posted on Walker street with several Raleigh men joining the Northern contingent for some real pain.

Warm up: SSH x 25

Run to perking lot, he sees me along the way.

Good Mornings x 23.

Quick feet x 15, slow merkin x 15, calf raises x 15, more markins x 15, quick feet x 15, more merkins x 15, calf raises x 10, quick feet x 15.

Plank walk indian run. Pax lined up, plank walked to the left as each man takes his turn running to the other end. repeat to the right with bear crawl instead of run.

mosey to the grass field, lunge walk along the way. at the field for some Mary. WWII x 25, HTML&R x 25, six inch x 5 around, standard sit-up x 23, rosa x 10, dolly x 10, rosadolly x 10.

Line up and number off. ones run there and back, 2s low plank hold. flapjack.

ones run again while 2s squat, flapjack. Repeat with Merkins again.

mosey on with lunge walks to the post office for some other fun.

End at COT.

2F tonight at Tir Na Nog – 5:30

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