8 PAX started the (early) morning dry.  35 minutes later, all were drenched.  Utah’s shirt actually evaporated.  Theme was simple this morning: ladders and long periods of time without dropping your kettlebell.


Each exercise is done ladder style, with reps of 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2.  Between reps, the “rest” was swinging your kettlebell around your body the same number of times as the prior number of reps. Kettlebell isn’t dropped until after the entire ladder is complete.  We ran 100 yards down/back between ladders.  Make sense?  It would if you were there.

Exercises were clean/press (each arm), biceps curls, goblet squats, and one arm-ded swings. Didn’t have time for the bent-over rows that were on today’s mental Weinke.

MARY: slow fluttters x 30 and LBCs x 20.

-this one wasn’t easy.  Little to no mumblechatter, and nary a f*bomb from McGruber.

-it was really, really humid.

-(not real) prayers for Utah’s shirt, and for Asheville surviving young Utah’s bachelor party event this weekend.

-(real) prayers for Dufresne and Flatline’s friend

-Komen is Saturday.  Still time to donate.