5 men braved the frigid Durham gloom and summited the parking deck for their Tuesday morning downPAINment.  The good news was that temperature was in the mid-20s.  The bad news was there were 20mph winds…

The Thang:

Arm circles
Imperial walkers

High knees/karaoke/mule kicks

360 merkins (merkin, then take one “step” with hands, merkin, “step”…around in a complete circle with feet as center) around once….then back the other way (and there was much rejoicing).

One man does 10 pullups, one man assists, the rest of the PAX sprint 40 yards and back, then rotate until all have done a set of 10 pullups

Two groups – merkins with hands on pavers/40 yard sprint down and back

Pullups, the rest do pulse lunges

Merkins with pavers on back/40 yard sprint

Pullups, the rest do speed skaters holding a paver

Decline merkins/40 yard sprint

Pullups, the rest do squat jumps with tuck

Top shelf curls/40 yard sprint

Top shelfs x 50

Full extensions
Sky divers
Long slow flutter


– I for one was really cold this morning.  I think the windchill was in the low teens – one of the downsides of meeting on the top of an 8 story structure.  The good news is that, according to weather.com, the temp had not yet bottomed out at 5AM, so it could have been worse (probably bottomed out at some point during the workout, though).
– Floyd was under the weather today, so had to miss – feel better, buddy.