Warm Up:

On the jog
Curb step ups, Karaoke, Snake Run into
SSH x20
Good Mornings x10
Hillbillies and Imperial Walkers x10 each
Arm Circles x10 forward, back

Run to the rocks

CHiPS round one:

Rock run to bottom of ramp – Merkins x20
Rock run to top of ramp – Goblin Squats with rock
Rock run to top of tennis courts – Low slow flutter with rock in the air x15
Rock run to basketball court – x25 Air squared

Emeril round two:

Rock run to bottom of ramp – WWII’s x20
Rock walk to top of ramp doing rock curls on the way up – x9 jump lunges
Rock walk to top of tennis courts rock overhead– High knees in place on my drop perform a Merkin
Rock walk to basketball court rock tricep extensions – x20 Seated dips on the safety rail

To the tunnel:

Partner up.   Run in opposite directions with the rocks.  Meet back and x10 Mountain Climbers.  2 rounds


6 inches


Welcome FNG’s Mookie (Red Sox fan) and 187 (From Rocky Mount – apparently the murder capital of NC)

Medals for Mettle – Bring your race medals to Emeril, M4L, Deadbolt of CHiPS for this charity
911 Stair Climb on Monday 9/11 @ 5:30am —  No Paradise City workout on 9/11 at both Q’s will be at the stair climb
Give to Give
Ice Bucket challenge Friday 8/25 – Bring ice/water bucket/cooler –  After Cletus

Crablegs, Quarters brother/brothers kids, David – Friend of Forceps fighting cancer

Mark 9:35 – Sitting down, Jesus call the twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be the first must be the very last, and the servant of all”.