12 stalwarts for today’s ye olde Whiplash. Started with 11, but luck was on Pantyhose’s side as he pulled in the parking at 535am, just as we were taking off.

Warm up:

SSH x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Chilcutt hold x 15 IC

Low Plank hold x 15 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

Jog down the blue loop and halt at the water fountain

Split up into 3 man groups.

Indian man run down the hill, up to 440 bridge, left after the bridge/down copper head hill, right Horton st and all the way up to ridge rd. Turn around when you get to ridge and head back to the water fountain.

Once all gathered, mosey over to the rings.

Split up in 3 groups.
Station 1
Group 1: run to water fountain, 15 merkins/15 squats, and then run to station 2

Station 2
Group 2: run down to the bottom of the gravel hill. 5 pull ups, 15 plank jacks, and then run up to station 3.

Station 3
Group 3: run up to the ellipse, 15 derkins/15 low slow flutters, and then run to station 1.

All groups(well, most all of them) completed each station, and met in the middle and moseyed up to the ellipse for COT.


-Stair Climb on 9/11 at carter finley

-labor day convergence will be at NCMA. Denali is Q and start time is 7am?

-Give 2 Give campaign to help raise funds for F3 to launch other sites. Campaign ends August 31. Please give if you feel inclined to.

-no prayer requests

-Thank you Grease Monkey for taking us out with a strong word

-We got after it this morning. Covered over 5 miles. The out and back indian man run was a good 3 miles. Didn’t think it was going to be quite that long, but knew it would be hilly….This segment was not a crowd pleaser(Chong). The Red Card/Slim Jim/Lutz group was looking strong. I think Chong lost the tank during this segment as well. Nice work by all and look forward to Qing out here again. Also, one more notable item. Chong was going for the double down this morning. Let’s hope he got his patch.