19 Themed Beatdown to Welcome ’19

17 PAX came out & with no FNGs we were off with no disclaimers.

Warmup: run 1 big lap then 19 SSHs, 19 Hillbillies, 19 MCs, 19 PZs, 19 half WMs

The Thang:

19s for 19 minutes- around short parking lot loop- merkins & air squats

Picnic tables- 19 LR step ups, 19 urkins, 19 durkins, 19 dips, 19 LR step ups, 19 burpees

Rock pit- 19 curls, 19 OH press, 19 TC ext, 19 BOR, 19 SSH (no rocks), 19 curls, 19 OH press, 19 TC ext

Rock trivia- BORs OYO while rock theme trivia question to B Fife (incorrect answer resulting in burpee penalty)

Mary (+ burpees): 19 burpees, 19 FM, 19 flutter kicks, 19 AH

Announcements: 1. Public hearing for expansion of Baileywick Park (site of Juggernaut) 2/24

2. 19 verse (from YHC) for this 19 themed WO:  Matthew 19:30

Prayers: 1. TP & wife on baby arrival within 7 days 2. Juggles (Pygmy’s son)- adolescent struggles

After ribbing 4 Pre-Run Crew, YHC got ribbed back by site Q!   YHC took us out in final prayer.

QIC: Dabo
Workout Date: 01/28/19
The PAX: Baby Bells, Spin Class, Pygmy, Papercut, Asiola, Grady, Mr Rogers, Barney Fife, WallE, HoneyBooBoo, Tinkertoy, Beavis, Magellan, Coco Crisp, TP, Aflac & Dabo

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