YHC was excited to see Golgatha get off to a strong start with Bio D at the helm!  YHC wanted to continue the momentum into the weekend! More and more things are falling into place, more men are stepping up. Q sign ups are being made and more PAX are willing to help each week.  YHC thought he had put the invite up for EC and the Mad Mule but the tech never posted.   But know this; EC might not always happen, but there will always be the AO (Mad Mule). YHC checked the page and there was no post so my bad!

EC: YHC got about 6 miles in but due to the cold the phone died at 4.2…so YHC kept doing laps around the park waiting for the PAX to show up for the Mad Mule and to keep an eye on a clock.

The Thang: PAX piled into the parking lot and we were off, Drago with a return sighting as his work cancelled for the day!
Warm up: In cadence 15x SHH, squats, butt kickers, high knees, Cotton pickers

Apache Run (Reverse Scout Native American Trail of Tears Run…thanks Bio D and PNG for the inspiration) lap around the park.

AMRAP BUILD: 10 reps each for 5 min
B:Box Jump (step up mod)
U: U ups (think Heels to heaven)
I: Imperial Walkers
L: Lunges (5 each leg)
D: Dips on benches

Mosey to Baseball feild

Gorilla Decontructed Burpee Home Run
-Gorilla hop (sideways fist and feet hop) to 1st base 10 Merkins
-Gorilla hop to 2nd 10 squats
-Gorilla hop to 3rd 10 tuck ups
-Gorilla hop to home 10 Burpees

Al Gore for the six, 10 smurf Jacks in cadence

Partner Merkin lap- meet partner around the baseball outfeild for 10 partner Merkins and meet again for plank for the six at home base.

Repeat Deconstructed Burpee Home but with Lunges between each base
10 Merkins
10 Squats
10 Tuck ups
10 Burpees

Al Gore for six, 10 smurf jacks in cadence

10 count recovery

Repeat Partner Merkin lap again with 10 merkins in outfeild and home base, plank for the six

Mosey toward the shelter area

Balls to the wall relay, All 7 guys with Balls to wall and run to end of line until the PAX all have run once.

Mosey to grassy knoll for Mary and additional strengthening
In candence 15-25x each PAX picking an exercise, Star fish crunches, sleeping hillbillies (both sides), flutter kicks, LBC’s, super scissors, Mountain climbers, 50 high knees, American Hammer Ladder?, finishing up with “Have a nice Day”.

COT/BOM: Healing for families, illness, Chelsea’s Fast over today praise

YHC has been impressed with the PAX willingness to embrace the suck, early hours and cold weather to push each other and be there for their brother!  Keep it up men!