YHC was pumped to see PAX getting out there for different events and training this weekend. We’ve got PAX doing Run Ranger Run and running in the Krispie Kreme Challenge! YHC was also excited to see it was going above freezing for Mad Mule, regardless we will be there rain or shine!  YHC was expecting a smaller PAX but still wanted to bring the pain.  Westside cruised in and even a FNG to F3 JOCO and fellow WCA alum encouraged by Chelsea to post only to find Chelsea was going to be stuffing his face with doughnuts this AM.    YHC attempted EC but the calf held me to only 4 miles.

The Thang
Dynamic warm up, in cadence ×15: SSH, Squats, cotton pickers. high knees

Scout Run around Park

Mosey back to shelter
AMRAP 45 SEC stations
Dips, Overhead press, Foot Release Squat, Derkins, Mountian Climbers, Weighted Ball Slams, Lunges.  Rinse and repeat for 2 rounds of each.

Mosey to pull up bars

10 min AMRAP
5 pull ups, lunge to sidewalk, 50 LBC’s, bear crawl back, repeat as many times as possible.

Plank a Rama

Mosey to open field for Plank leap frog.  PAX Plank and last one jumps/hops over each one and then gets into plank until the PAX made it to the fence (50 yards).

Partner Swerkin: Mosey to baseball fence one PAX does people Chair while other partner runs to swings for 10 Derkins and switch.  Rinse and repeat for 4 rounds.

Mosey to Field for Mary: Sidelying Hillbillies, Supermans, WWI, Freddy Mercury, Flutter Kicks, scissors, Mountain Climbers in cadence 15-20x.


COT/BOM: Prayers for illness, Robynne Brown family, PAX in the community.


Way to get it men!  Also loved seeing all the guys representing out in the community with the new swag.