Post Local(TM).

lo·cal /ˈlōk(ə)l/ adjective
1. belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, often exclusively so.
synonyms: community, district, neighborhood, regional, city, town, municipal, provincial, village, parish, parish-pump, parochial.
2. within the confines of contiguous publicly-owned property, be they parks, public schools or their aggregate.
3. not all the way to Rangecrest. That’s, like, “Across the street.”

After a prerun featuring 5 participants (and apparently between 1 to 3 imaginary friends), 14 intrepid PAX braved the football weather to #starttheirweekright for a moonlit (a/k/a beneath the Sky-Q’s headlamp) tour of Williams Park. After a brief warm-up, the PAX followed YHC to the drainage ditch in search of props to assist in the running and exercise.

Upon arrival, the PAX selected their rock of choice. First exercise set:

Curls (x10), Tricep Extensions (x10), Rock-squat-press (x10), Bent-over rows (x10).

Mosey to the middle parking lot.

(Dyslexic) Jack Webb Set

Curls (x10), Tricep Extensions (x10), Rock-squat-press (x10), Bent-over rows (x10).

Mosey to the basketball court, divide into 1s and 2s.

1s: Curls (x10), Tricep Extensions (x10), Rock-squat-press (x10), Bent-over rows (x10).

2s: Full basketball court suicides, sprint to Hill, bear crawl-climb to top and return to baseline.


Mosey past the trailer for a re-assessment. From the unfamiliar vantage point of not-DFL, YHC noticed that the PAX had started to separate.  In no way related to his own pronounced lack of fitness Motivated solely by a benevolent concern to unite the PAX, YHC audibled from a run to a lung-walk so that the PAX could be reunited (and it felt so good).

Mosey to the lower basketball court.

Exercise set: LBCs (x10), 6″ to 24(ish)” (x10), reverse LBCs (x10).

1s run the gravel track (which included two sets of impromptu Dan Jansens in Corners 2 and 4),

2s Curls (x10), Tricep Extensions (x10), Rock-squat-press (x10), Bent-over rows (x10).


Reunited as a group, reverse LBCs.

Curls (x10), Tricep Extensions (x10), Rock-squat-press (x10), Bent-over rows (x10).

Mosey back to upper parking lot. Lunge-walk the length of the lot.

Mosey back to the rock pile for final set of exercise.

Curls (x10), Tricep Extensions (x10), Rock-squat-press (x10), Bent-over rows (x10).


LBCs (x10)

Protractor (this was unsuccessful)

Reverse LBCs (x10)

Frederick Von Mercuries (x10)

Have a Nice Nights (10 count)


Prayers were offered for neighbors experiencing an urgent situation and for the many people who endure the hardships of winter without shelter and warmth.

The PAX adjourned for Third Iteration of Coffeeteria at Solas. We are fortunate to have a great community of men. Let’s continue to grow it.

QIC: Peace Pipe
Workout Date: 01/21/2019
The PAX: FNG Frosty, TP, Papercut, Pygmy, VHS, Beavis, Butthead, Coco Crisp, Rockport, Magellan, Tinkertoy,

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