26:00 run around Lake Johnson.  It was still really dark and the path was hard to see due to the leaf coverage.  No accidents, but a nice calm pace to get around the lake.

After a brief recovery we did:

1/4 mile sprint (end of the bridge and back)

20 count merkins

10 count Carolina Dry Docks

35 count LBC

8 count Freddy Mercury (CK couldn’t continue)

1 minute plank hold


A small workout, but a good one.  Nobody to call FEBA or Bastard, just two guys working out to make themselves better men.  On the 1/4 mile sprint, it is depressing to realize that what was a fast run (at 6:10/mile) for only a quarter mile was not any faster.  That means a lot of 1/4 and 1/2 mile faster runs in the future…now where can I find a a track to run around.