We’re live in the Bull City….

From 445 AM until 452 AM, White Shoe and Money Hose stood silently.  At 453 AM, the cars stretched out past the left field fence, past the corn fields, clear to Dyersville, Iowa…Off we go…
Warm up run up Whitford Drive (literally up), to Astrodome-sized parking lot wedged between restricted turf fields and Wallace Wade Stadium
20 SSHs, 20 Mountain Climbers
Warm up run I.S.O green fields…through the NCAA Division I soccer stadium, which YHC decided was too pristine to tempt fate by spilling burpees upon…
Arrive unlocked, natural grass field, no light to speak of
PushaRama & Horse Legs Combo (Money Hose)
10 Merkins
20 Single Leg Deadlifts (alternating)
10 Merkins
Lunge Walks
10 Staggered Merkins
20 Air Squats
Lunge Walks
10 Merkins
5 Finger Tip Merkins
Lunge Walks
5 Diamond Merkins
10 Carolina Dry Docks
Lunge Walks
Noah’s Ark (White Shoe)
Bear Crawl X 2
Alligator Hops
Crab Walk
Bunny Hops
Miscellany (Money Hose)
10 Merkins
Lunge Walks
PlankaRama (White Shoe)
High Plank
Mosey to Wallace Wade Stadium…
Mini Jacob’s Ladder (Coach Wade Style)
Descend and Ascend Wallace Wade Stadium X 4 (4, 3, 2, 1….Burpees at top)
Six Minutes of Mary
Crotch Sweats
Six Inch Hold with a 10 Count X 6
Mosey back to Launch Point
COT on the Run
-Riding to Durham at 415 AM is the closest thing that the Raleigh boys have done to replicating what Dredd and Moniteur and others did way back in the spring to launch F3/Raleigh.  Thunder claps all over again for those boys starting what continued this morning in Durham…#itgrows

-YHC is taking the liberty of calling today’s Durham workout “Bullseye.”  It’s the Bull City, yes.  But the F3 forefathers have done it again and hit bullseye by finding 4 pax who are stalwarts over there and will post long after I am fartsacking at 0500 on Tuesdays.  #nametemporarypainisforever

-Thunderclaps to Riggs, Seinfeld, Dreamcatcher and especially Floyd, who sparked these inspiring gems: 
“Standing around at 0456 to excercise at 0500 in the drizzle is a lot of things but one thing it ain’t is soft.”
Standing at the top of a 1920s era football stadium –the original bowl, gassed, “I’ll get there…It’ll take some time but I’ll get there.”  Aye, brother.  We will all get there.

-White Shoe never disappoints.  A car passed by as the pax marched towards the stadium: Money Hose: “Must be a law school gunner…”  White Shoe: “That guy plays football.  A pick up truck with a deer rack decal on the back at 520 AM?  At Duke?  He plays football…”

-Speaking of White Shoe, the geographic proximity to a Division I football program nearly caused his head to explode.  But for the return trip to Cap City, White Shoe would have been handing out cash to unwitting passersby and muttering about the quality of the secondary…
-When he’s not doctoring all over Durham County, Riggs is a higher education pathway consultant.  Free of charge to F3ers all over.  Riggs has 12 degrees in 7 fields.  He’ll get you on a path that will obtain top shelf education at the mere cost of a single F-15E Strike Eagle.  #Itsforthekids