Drafted by Chong Li…posted by Money Hose

The Thang:

Warm Up–Run ’round the Park; SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings, Fazio Arm Circles Forwards and Backwards

(5) Two Man Teams doing Flapjack Station Rotation incorporating Body Bag Pull and Pepsi Challenge of Several Rounds of Max

Station 1: Chong Li Home Brew Kettle Bell Swings x 20 & 35# KB Snatch x 10 per arm
Station 2: 35 yard 80 lb Body Bag Pull & Plank (yardage and weight are Chong Li non-standard conversion estimates)
Station 3: Overhead Squats w/Maple Tree and Slosh Stick (30)
Station 4: Medicine Ball Situp Toss (30)
Station 5: Dead Arm Hang & Max Decline Merkins
Station 6: Box Jumps & Max Dips
Station 7: Alternating Step Up w/Block & Max Block Merkins

Mary:  Low Flutter, LBCs, Freddy Mercury’s, 6″ leg hold
High Plank-Sarkozy-Putin Medley


Found service to be prompt and courteous at Money Hose Equipment Desk – even at 5:40 am – hopefully all artillery was returned in good working order

Always good to hear the various random comments about what White Shoe is going to say when he finally gets pulled over with the Al Qaeda training rope in the back of his Bronco

Need to work on how to tell time on a digital watch in order to maximize station rotation time in order to avoid extended plank-sarkozy-putin medley in future

Will be sure to forward conversion chart to group for those who feel they need ‘real’ or ‘accurate’ weight measurements
Enjoyed the opporunity to guest Q and hope to have the opportunity to direct traffic again in the future

Chong Li