Five men posted in the gloom of the yankee enemy territory known as Cary.

The Thang:

Run around the park to get the heart beating, SSH x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20.

Head to wonk’s truck, grab a set of stones that will accompany you throughout the day.

To the soft padded area for some quality decline planks, should touches, plank walks (stones in hand), and incline merkins

Run to field of dreams, halfway down the path, raise the stones overhead, keep running.

The starting lineup. The PAX line up facing the hill of whatever I named it a few weeks ago. One dude runs across the field, stones in hand, to the top of the hill, drops and does five stone top merkins, runs back. The remainder of the PAX does the following:

SSPlank, Stone Burpees, Stone Squats, Stone Sarkozy and Putins, more Stone Burpees.

The pax then heads to the bottom of the elusively names hill and does a mixed up ladder, no stones involved. bear crawl to top, 5 squats, run to bottom, 5 merkins, bunny hop to top, 6 merkins, run down to 4 squats, bunny hop up again for 4 squats, and down again for seven merkins.

Form a line and do the manmaker from point A to point B. The manmaker is as follows. Stones in hand, one pushup, one row bringing the brick to the chest first left then right, followed by a dead clean press of the stones finished with walking lunges while holding the stones high. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Veterans Day WW2 situp-arama.

In honor of those men who have bravely fought, bled, and died for our country (in military service as opposed to the normal #CSAUP we do to bleed and die every morning) we did a round of WW2 situps with our stones.

After the Q fumbled on a stone toss, we began doing WW2 situps. First we did standards WW2s, stones in hand, then we drop the stone at our feet every other time, then we dropped it above our heads alternatively. We did 20 of each.

The rotating Pentagram (appropriately named because we had 5 pax)

Spread out on the field, after each work out each man would sprint to the guy on his right’s position while the remainder did a squat hold with stones lifted high. Each workout involved holding at least one stone: WW2 sit-ups x 10, merkins x 10, wide grips x 10, diamond merkins x 5, LBC x 10, and a couple of other things that I can’t remember #needtowritebackblastearlier

run back to soft spot for some MARY

6 inch x 10 around, Windmills x 15, 6 inch x 5 around, feet to the sky x 20, 6 inch x 10 around, Rosalitas x 30(!), six inch x 5 around, HD x 15.

Finish with Plankarama. High x 10, sarkozy and putin dips x 5, chilcutt x 10, high plank hold until the clock ran out.


Kotters to Robert Carr, now renamed Hornett (FKA Magic Goggles) It was good to see you out in the gloom, hope to see more of you now that you have completed your duties.

Good job to all involved for taking the stones and running with them. It was neither easy nor pleasant and the Q now realizes that he needs gloves #barehandsandroughstonesmakeunhappywives.