The Thang:

Warm Up–Run ’round the Park; SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Fazio Circles (Qed by Longshoreman TARP)

2 Three Man Teams; 1 Two Man Team; Round o’ Golf Style Rotations separated by decent stretches of running…

Station 1: Medicine Ball Toss Over the Backstop X 5

Station 2: Dead Hang Pull Ups (2 Sets X 5 Reps)

Station 3: Box Jumps X 10

Station 4: Kettlebell DCPs & Swings X 10

Station 5: Cinder Block Cotswalds X 20

Station 6: The Tree and Slosh Pipe Lunge Walk X 1

Station 7: Rope Climb X 1



Our love affair with the Mule Rope continues.  Hat tip to White Shoe for his regular appearance in the gloom early to set up the rope.  This morning, yours truly and White Shoe tried for the 20 foot limb.  Hijinx.  After all sorts of machinations and labor, rope was set up, but we decided there was just too much play in the limb.  Back to the 10 foot limb.  There’s nothing to see here, as we spend a little time trying to find the best format for our beloved climbing rope.

Thunder claps to Ben Johnson, who took a massive step back in his Drug Free in 2012 campaign by climbing the rope Chuck Norris style, sans legs.  Pure arm strength men.  A goal for all.  USADA inspectors have cased his house.  Press inquiries should be routed through Chong Li.

Thunder claps for Fazio making a “Carnival Celebrity Cruise Lines” esque appearance at Heavy Metal.  #JustgotapicturewithEricEstrada!!!  Heavy Metal is better when Fazio shows up.

No joke on this today, but TARP’s cold weather cap makes it look like he’s liable to jump off the foredeck and hit you with a sea winch at any time…#MarseilleExpress

A full calendar week without Howard is a rare bummer.  #rudderlesship

Our Own Chong Li has the Q next week.  Bring your international bills of lading and nondescript backpacks.

Money Hose