I think it was cold.  South of 40 degrees at Fletcher…But we must….We’re in…

The Thang:

Speed warm up run down around the Yard Art, back through the woods, hard turn to the right, up the hill, up the other hill, up the other hill, and so on and so forth…SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Cirque de Fazio, etc.

The Combine (in due respect to the Charlotte workout that embraced our own Chong Li, he of the world travel):

50 Merkin Medley (2 finger tips, 2 diamonds, 3 wide, 4 CDDs, 5 Standard, 6 Standard, 7 Standard, 6 Standard…1 finger tips)

Mosey to the fence on the far side of the lacrosse/football/ultimate/softball field/ area…

2 X (70 yd windsprint + climb Hamburger Hill + 40 yard Lunge Walk + Jog back to start line)

50 Merkin Medley (see above)

2 X (70 yd windsprint + climb Hamburger Hill + 40 yard Lunge Walk + Jog back to start line)

 50 Merkin Medley (see above)
5 Minutes of Mary + Plus Plank Tacos (Dollies, Rosalitas, Cannonballs, Alternating Oblique Crunches, Low Plank Hold, Mid Plank Hold, Cannonballs)


It was Floppy Disk Appreciation Day at Fred Fletcher Park, Gentlemen.  He of the Buck Rodgers Watch Decoder Transmitter and the Leg Chokers (aka Tights that leave nothing to the imagination) and the high energy and the good humor…Ain’t nobody like the Floppy D.  We’re lucky he’s part of the Pax.

Speaking of the Decoder Transmitter, Floppy reports that we logged a mile and a half of nonsensical running.  The heart rate reports that track the distance reflect what we all knew intuitively.  When we were running, we were running uphill or very fast or both.

Hilarity in spades when FNG reported Lacrosse midfielder experience and service as a bartender…Pax Name Computer 5000BS spit out two options: “Short Stick” and “Last Call.”  It doesn’t take a degree from Online U. to figure out which one was chosen.

Pax on notice to name the Fletcher workout and get thinkin’ about the Spring Spartan Race in the Great State of Mecklenburg.  Money Hose envisions rented vans and dive motels.  And Golden Corral.  Saddle up.

Frequent backblast readers will know that sometimes I go Derek Zoolander on the counting in these things…(“Can’t count good or do other things good either”).  We may have run an add’l wind-sprint…