8 men rolled out in the morning gloom on the Duke University campus for an early 5 am beatdown.

The Thang:

Warmup jog, SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Peter Parkers

1/3 mile jog to Hansbrough (aka Cameron) Indoor Stadium

Bunny hops up steps – parkour down rails

bench dips x 15 (2 sets), incline merkins x 10, single leg squats x 10 (each leg)

50 yard sprint w/plank hold at finish x 2

Enter the Beast – set out 4 cones at 10 yard intervals.  Pax does 6 sets of different exercises with 6 reps of each exercise at each cone.  Set 1 – standard merkins, Set 2 – mountain climbers, Set 3 – knee ups, Set 4 – wide arm merkins, Set 5 – walking lunges between cones with SSH’s at each cone, Set 6 – burpees.

Cackalacky Choo Choo – each Pax rides the rails two times

Plank walk left – reverse back to starting point

EKG’s x 10

mosey back to launch point for Mary led by Riggs – incline sit-ups, throw downs, low flutters, Russian Hammers



Hearty welcome to the four FNG’s who broke the seal on their F3 experience this morning.  FNG’s Floyd and Dream Catcher were present for the 5 am start along with Riggs, with Bevo and FNG’s Liz and Lucky Strikes joining the fray not long after the fun was underway.  Glad the late arrivals did show as Floyd muttered something about administering a round of nut-punches to anyone pulling a UA on his maiden voyage.  Given the tone in which it was said, I’m pretty sure he was serious.

Fitting that we launched into the Beast in the shadow of Cameron and the home of the Dark Lord himself.  The disturbance in the force was palpable.  No doubt the minions are busy preparing for the 35 home games that Duke seems to schedule at the beginning of each season before finally going on the “road” to play a borderline tourney team at MSG.  Just kidding.  I know those are great preparation for the early round games – #Lehighwho.

Tclaps to Maize for incorporating the EKG’s as a tip of the cap to our medical personnel laden Pax.

Money Hose and White Shoe will take the lead for next week’s installment at the Methodist Flats.  Redundant alarm clocks are a good idea.

Soft launch at North Hills Park this coming Monday (11/12) at 5:45 am, with official start on Monday 11/26.  Early emphasis on FNG-friendly workouts, so continue to put the EH on those who’ve been giving you the Heisman thus far.