Run to grassy knoll
SSH x 20
Mini ladder
   Bear crawl to top, 5 merkins in descending order

Mosey around park to padded area
Dips x 15
Decline plank x 20
Decline low plank x 10

Spider web
Plank sideways walk full circle with squats in between
Reverse plank sideways walk with rows in between

Squat jumps on high wall x5

Mosey to latrine for a set of people's balls
People's chair for ten
Balls to the wall for 10
People's chair for 10

Run to parallel bars and do inchworm push-ups down the line

Warm up over, time for Mary #tiredjokes

Six inch hold for 30, hd x 20, rosalita x 20, six inch x 30, lbc x 20, ww2 x 20, fm x 20, six inch x 20, sarkozy dips x 5, Putin dips x 5

Knee raises x 5

Wall jumps x 10

Triangle of dreams
Run to grassy field, karaoke to one side, spider crawl up x 20, karaoke back to other side with a run to the finish. 

Mosey back to the grassy knoll for half 11s with merkins up top and squats down below

Planks. Thigh touch planks, starfish, sarkozy, Putin. Six inch hold

Run to spider web to finish with plank side walks 

Moleskin: t claps to rusty (fng) for a solid showing. He Larry birded the 11s!

We did some running. There, we admit it. Even though it's billed as a non running workout, those present agreed that it was too cold not to run. The MO remains that we will not run unless everyone agrees.