First frost filled exercise…  Start with calf raises on the curb as we wait for some stragglers deciding if I really want to get out the car.  Side shuffle hops then off to the run starting with butt kickers and high knees.  Short run to concret bench for 30 dips then off again.  Run to handrail for seated pullups (15 count legs out in front preferably off the ground).  Next run down to an abridged merkin station for 20 count decline and incline merkins.  Then on to the trusty parking deck for 5-story stair climb complimented with a high plank hold and extended arm/leg plank.  To keep things moving, we decided to run some more to “suicide hill” where we did, you guessed it, suicides up a, steeper than it appears, hill.  But before that we did 20 count WWII style situps.  Being thoroughly gassed we felt it best to just run again.  This time to the field of frost, illuminated by a near full moon.  It was very romantic.  It was decided by a show of hands to do some Freddie Mercuries, rosalitas and dying cockroach.  We were nearly finished.  Except for the unfortunate run back up hill to the cars.  This was the longest leg of the 3.25mi run but everyone said it was their favorite part.  In the end everyone made it back and will live to fight another day.