As the weather gets colder, the PAX get stronger.  23 PAX strong, 3 FNGs and a lot of FEBA and Bastard calls throughout the workout…Aye!

SSH x20
Mountain Climbers x10
Imperial Walker x10
Merkins x10

Run around lake, walking lunges across two pond bridges (about 80)

Run to the fountain, incline merkins x20

Run up the stairs and across the field to the Half Pipe:
dips x20
Squat hold x20
Decline Merkins x10
3 rounds of: run up east hill, 10 dips, run back down and to the west hill for 5 burpees
SSH x20
Good Mornings x15

Ron Burgundy issues a formal statement which imposes Mary upon the PAX:
6 inch leg hold, circle count to 7 (x23 PAX)
LBC x15
Hello Dolly x12
Rosalitas x15
Freddy Mercury x20

Mosey up the hill to the tennis courts for some Monkey Hose inspired suicides
5 suicide sprints, each one increasing in length to cover the width of 3 courts
6 suicide sprints from the net to the service line, base line, the fence and back

Jog back towards civilization- stop at picnic shelter for 2×10 pistols

Jog down to Amphitheatre for:
EKG x10
Tunnel of Love x50yards


tclaps to Maize for properly naming the Half Pipe

tclaps to Floppy Disk for recruiting and tracking our 1.6 miles of running:

tclaps to many of the PAX for Larry Birding CK during the suicides and the half pipe.  Aye!

The Trail Run on Tuesday will probably not happen.  We have a couple of the regulars heading up to Durham for a kick off and 2 other regulars (including myself) cannot make it.

North Hills starting up Nov 12th, Cary CORE open to slight adjustment if it accommodates the Apex/Cary PAX easier.