11 Pax arrived from all directions for adventures in the last days of disco daylight savings time…

For reasons that will become clear(er), note that the current WWE Tag Team Championship titleholders are Bryan Cane (not an F3er) and Kane (also, not an F3er).  #thanksinterweb

The Thang:

Warm Up—  Run around the park,30 SSHs, 25 Mountain climbers

Part I Tag Team

2-4 Man Teams; 1-3 Man Team

Pax 1: Chuck’n Run

Pax 2: Dead Clean Press KB (35, 25, homemade, respectively)

Pax 3: Cotswold attack with cinder blocks (with a simultaneous hat tip to the Goat and the evildoers who Q Cotswold)

Pax 4: Dead Hang Pull Ups

**Pax 1 begins Chuck’n Run; all other Pax remain at their stations; when Pax 1 completes 1 round Chuck’n Run, tags Pax 2 who tags Pax 3, etc. and the Pax rotate.  Averaged about a minute of max reps at each station with a stiff glass of aerobicism neat and no chaser.

Total Butchers’ Bill: 5 or 6 trips through with no breaks for about 35 minutes of pain and thoughtful reflection.

Part  II  Chuck Norris 

Entire Pax planks; individual Pax takes turn(s) climbing 15 foot rope; White Shoe hums theme from The Delta Force.

Climbing styles utilized: The Basic Wrap, The Fast Rope, The Liberacci and The B.A.S. (Brute Arm Strength) (fourth approach not LEED certified in sustainability)



  • Hayseed continues to impress.  Week 2 on the job and the forces of Old Man Strong continue to dominate.
  • Fungo, Munson and Kupec were HM FNGs.  #pullthevolkswagennextweek
  • Speaking of Old Man Strong, Howard never stopped dominating.  For those of you scoring at home, Howard absolutely slays the climbing rope.  Not all of us do.  But Howard does.  With a voluntary repeato to show the congregation.  #amenhallelujah
  • I forgot how to count this morning and could not reconcile the headcount with the station count.  We left some ghostmen aboard.  Chong Li had an abacus.  It worked out.
  • Thanks to Wonk for bringing it strong from the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.