6 Pax, including one FNG, showed up at the crack of dawn to tell all the terrorists of the world where they can stick it.  Floyd, who we’ve long suspected of having al-Qaeda ties, showed up late, making us 7 strong.

No time for warm ups, so with two rucks in tow we made our way to the stairs

8 flights of stairs x 13 trips = 104
+ another 6 flights = 110
+ 2 (because 11-9 = 2, and we had two rucks, and because we ended on the 6th floor and our stuff was on the 8th, and because the old US of A is pretty much the best place we’ve ever lived) = 112


– T-claps to everyone for pushing through all the strange looks from people coming into work
– 2 days of 0450 is pretty brutal
– Kotters to Chester/RJ/Iceman, back from DL from a shoulder injury
– Welcome to FNG Mikan
– Suspiciously, there was no evidence of the Machiavelli car…on a special 9/11 assignment?  YHC has a call into the FBI…