We forgot the disclaimer, but as it turns out, Dufresne wouldn’t have paid any attention to it.  Maize and Tony Robbins took turns with ten counts as Dufresne motored through his physical therapy exercises exhibiting determination akin to Johnny Utah as site QIC at Dawn Patrol.
Leg Presses – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 6
Leg Lifts – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 6
Leg Rolls – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 6
Leg Holds – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 6
Core Sit Ups – 10 count x 6
Generous dose of F3 banter between 10 count recovery after each set covering the waterfront – convergence at Moore Square, downPAINments made in the volleyball courts at Jaycee Park, enthusiasm during Monday’s North Hills Park workout…
COT: Prayers for strength and healing for Dufresne as he continues to battle back from Lyme Disease.
Moleskin:  Join us for a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon workout at 3:30 pm with Dufresne.  Guarantee it will be the most inspiring 45 minutes of your week.

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  • Just the way you don’t think about the outside world in the early hours at the workouts which we all love, this is different experience with that same impact. If your schedule permits, make it happen….it’s a short period of time and the other stuff can wait. Dufresne will benefit from our help, his effort and commitment is inspiring.

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