Anytime you can plan a workout and only make it through one part of it, that means that the one part must have been pretty brutal.  That happened today.  YHC was Q for a belated 42 birthday celebration, and wanted to FINISH the BMW 3 series (begun before with co-Q Les Nessman).  We did that today and a little more…


SSH x 11

IW x 9

Merkins x 75 (lots of mumble chatter about this…)


Flag run around the greenway to a few tunes.  Always a pleasure.

BMW 3 series – set of 14’s with 3 exercises.  Burpees, Monkey Humpers, WW2.  Begin with 1 of each, run to the end and do 13 of the same 3, and so on.  This took 32 min!

Finished with 42 American Hammers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – North Raleigh Xmas party at Marmalade’s, December 8th.  DM him for more info…sounds like great food.  All Raleigh party on the 18th at Little City Brewing.  Haven House dinner on the 6th – go online and donate.

PRAYERS – CDC’s M having chest pains.  Also, he’s travelling to London for several days.  Noriega needs prayers for less road rage at Bojangles.

YHC shared John 8:12, where Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  Reminds me of running in the dark, but with a headlamp ahead of us guiding the way.  Encouraged pax to look to Jesus as the light in this dark world and also to reflect that light to others as we go out.


5 years ago I gave in to the emotional headlock of a co-worker and showed up at Urban Jungle at it’s inaugural meeting.  Haven’t been the same since.  Love the fellowship and the encouragement the pax have been to me and I definitely couldn’t have done today’s workout 5 years ago.  THANK YOU!