11 PAX gathered in the gloom for some 4x100s, F3 style and other exercise. No FNGs so limited disclaimers.


Run one loop then to soccer field (first leg of the 4×100):  then 100 reps of exercises- 25 SSH, 25 IW, 25 MC, 25 WM

The Thang:

Second leg was a run to the BB courts: then 100 more reps- 25 urkins, 25 squats, 25 dips, 25 durkins

Third leg was a run to the rockpile: then 100 more reps- 25 rock curls, 25 OH press, 25 BORs, 25 merkins

Las leg was a winding run around school to bus loop: then 100 more reps- 25 LBCs, 25 FMs, 25 DCs, 25 burpees

Mosey across the street to Walgreens:

Chain Link (follow the leader):  start in group plank & release one PAX at a time following lead of Q

PTL with star jump at each tip, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 Merkins, 20 Durkins, 20 prisoner squats, Rail work,

20 L-R stepups, 20 dips, People’s Chair until all PAX complete

Mary:  WWII situps, AH & plank

Annnouncements:  Triple Down on 10/14 Sat Crick,  YHC took us out in prayer to Our Father.