The thought of Zombies have really scared people off.  Half of the PAX that originally signed up bailed out for one reason or another.  Well they all had good reasons, but was it meant to be?

The 5 remaining faithful showed up the requested 60 minutes prior to our 9:30 departure.  It was a nice balmy 80 degrees, with overcast skies.  A lot of great costumes turned out for this as well as many many fit people.  As we show up, Floppy Disk and Tecumseh knew dozens of people there!  Why are they not attending F3 workouts?  Do we have PAX leading double lives in secret?  Needless to say we worked on spreading the word, especially to a team from Greenville.

The race started off as we walked through a haunted school bus and jumped out the back door, off and running.  Not even a minute into the race, we hit the first patch of Zombies.  Yeah, these were no normal zombies, these were fast athletic well fed zombies who only wanted to steal our flags from us.  Imagine a wall of zombies made up of Dredd, OBT and Tango Delta, yeah we all lost some flags in the first round of zombies.

The first obstacle yielded a big old mud wall with a slide down to the water pit.  It seems that we had a lot of trouble keeping together as a group when it came to the obstacles.  Right after the water pit was a medic to get more flags…5 burpees, are you serious!?!  As we looped around we came back to the mud hill and did it in reverse.  We had a cheering section (Maize’s family) and we continued onto the next batch of Zombies.  These Zombies were even tougher than the first round, F3 was in trouble.

After regrouping we did the trail, up and down a few muddy parts, climbing over a few obstacles.  Our favorite was the barbed wire crawl (luckily you could crouch if you were <6′ tall) because it smelled like manure.  We also had a surprise with the hanging tires as they were full of cement, WTF!

All throughout Floppy Disk kept the dialog going and if we were catching our breathe he would chat everybody up on the run.  There really is something in the water out there in Wake Forest.  We came upon a small body of water where we had to run across some floating pontoons and swim the rest of the way.  Maize led the way with a cannonball which set the tone.  As we came out of there we lost some more flags to the last round of zombies and refilled at the medic.  Wait, the end is 1/4 mile away with no obstacles or zombies, why did we recharge?!?

We finished with an all out sprint and Maize took the lead.  We think that was just to show off for his family, but we have no proof of that.  Our time was 42:12 which put us in 28th place in the team race.  Not a run for competition, but we stuck together and enjoyed a lot of the second F.