The Thang:

Met at the student parking lot and ran 1 mile at a faster than fellowship pace to the soccer field.

Spider crawl merkins in a circle

Squat holds until Q figured out how to properly call cadence.

Merkins x 10


Followed by six minutes of Mary where no PAX were permitted to rest between exercises, but instead held six inches off the ground as rest. Rosalitas, LBCs, Freddy Mercurys, Hello Dollys, and probably more.

Planks following by hello putin and goodbye sarcozy (with an added leg up for fun)


And then the fun. The PAX began burpees while each man took his turn sprinting the length of the soccer field and back. Half way through we switched to squats whilst the men took turns running. It was great.

We then ran to workout station #1, where we dipped and incline merkins

Run half mile, station two was planks and side jumps.

Ran home with a few sprints to properly gas the PAX.

Total ground covered was roughly 2.4 miles plus all the other crap we did.


It was indeed a gloomy morning to run. The air was thick and not a breeze blew, but the workout did! The initial mile was fast enough to gas everyone. I am hoping to gain more mileage in the Friday run by running those we do cover at a faster pace, provided I stop attending my own going away parties the night before with my friends glenlivet and rocks.

TClaps to Money Hose for keeping time. TClaps to Q’s daughter for returning his watch post workout.

T-Claps to NC State Turf Management for the great soccer field, it was the perfect setting for the pain.

Tclaps to King David and TARP for Larry Birding the last sprint