Overview of Heavy Metal: A Thursday morning F3 workout at Roanoke Park at 0600 using weights and other equipment already provided.  Station workout with a partner.  Do your best.  Pace yourself. No running required.  Done by 0645. 

Message to Charlotte Boys:  Come on up to Raleigh on September 29 at 0545.  Mule is in play and we need you here.  All hands are welcome.  The Mule Planning Committee is being intentionally “Black Ops” about the particulars–clearly, they’re following the lead of Brothers Dredd and OBT.  Talk to Fazio, White Shoe, TARP and/or Maize for details.  You’ll be done before 9 AM.


The Thang:

A Hockey Squad worth of Pax.

Warm Up

SSHs; Leg Swings; Mountain Climbers

Station Workout X 2

3 Stations; 2 Man Teams; 2 Minute Drill; Rotate Clockwise

Station 1: Medicine Ball over the Wall. 

Station 2: Pax 1 El Jefe Push Press; Pax 2 Russian Twists with 35 Lbs. Kettlebells.

Station 3: Pax Alternates Flipping Junk & Jumping Through

Mary Interlude (Compliments of Buddy Shoe):

LBCs; Crotch Sweats; WWII Sit Ups; Sledgehammer Sit Ups Driving Into Junk

Camp Pull Up @ Buddy Shoe Pavillion

3 Sets of 5 Dead Hang Pull Ups

Optional Cool Down (Wendell Gee opted out to begin his jog homeward)

Run around the park; high knees; hind kicks



-Thoughts remain with HufflePuff and Baby Vishwak.  We are with you.

-Tclaps to Wendell Gee for dialing up the pain and jogging the mile and half to Heavy Metal there and back.  #NotchallengingenoughforyouWayne? #partyon

That is all.