A muggy morning for a quick delivery of pain.

SSH x20
Mountain Climbers x10
Good Mornings x10

Noah’s Ark 40yd field:
Alligator Crawl, bear crawl, panther crawl, frog jumps, gorilla walk, inchwork, crab walk, bunny hop, duck walk, spider walk

Circle up for:
EKG’s x10
Burpee Circle

Jog to upper parking lot:
2×20 alternating left right step up
2×20 side hops over parking bumpers

Amtrak dodge while jogging across railroad tracks to Red Diamond
Jumps from bottom of concrete bleachers up to top row – x 8.

Decline merkins to 5, hold at bottom for 5 count, hold at top for 5 count x 3.
Alternating w/ 10 incline merkins.

2 laps of indian run around Red Diamond Field.

30 yards walking lunges.

Amtrak dodge across tracks while jogging back to play area.

6 minutes of mary led by Ron Burgandy.  rosalitas, hello dolly, russian hammers, froggers, WWII sit ups, 6 inch leg hold around circle.

Tclaps to the remaining PAX for crossing the tracks and heading over to Red Diamond and surrounding areas and trying some new ground.  Lots of good options over there to use going forward to keep the PAX guessing.

Tclaps to King David and Ron Burgundy for leading the second half while CK, Maize, Tecumseh and Howard headed for the Zombie Run.

Tclaps to Maize for coming up with the EKG name.  These are Merkins where you pump your entire body off the ground at the top.

Tclaps to Wonk for coming up with the Spider Walk

Tclaps to Tooth Fairy for posting, it has been too long.