As the F3 Raleigh PAX knows, the road to gridiron glory is paved through the dog days of August.  However, the rubber meets the road and championships are won and lost in the last weekends of November.  To prepare, the boys of Zero Hour ordered up a high humidity 73 degree morning on November 18 to make a final downpainment on November Glory.


Jog to practice field, SSH x 25, standard merkins x 20, good mornings x 20, sir fazios x 20, windmills x 20.


Break into two teams – Packers and Redskins.

Redskins go through 3 stop circuit, two times through.  3 stops include “W Drill” 30 yards x 3; bear-crab crawl square x 3; bag drill (substitute cones for the bags), shuffle, shuffle, side step, bear crawl.

Packers go through dot drill and merkins.  Dot drill: 5 dots in a rectangle, five different exercises using the dots.  6 up and back reps at each dot.  Exercises: (1) feet apart, together in middle, feet apart, (2) one foot hitting each dot, (3) other foot hitting each dot, (4) both feet together hitting each dot, (5) feet apart, feet together in middle, feet apart, spin around and go back.  10 standard merkins, 10 diamond merkins, 10 wide merkins, 10 dry docks.

Switch groups.


Redskins up first.  QB calls routes, all teammates run the route, QB throws to one receiver, whole team runs 60 yards to end zone and does 5 burpees.  As soon as Redskins throw the ball, Packers on the line and do the same.  After Redskins finish their burpees, get back on the line and do the same thing going back 60 yards to original line of scrimmage.  Keep going until each team runs 10 plays.


Redskins up first, get lined up in defensive secondary.  Packers QB throws deep ball into Redskins secondary.  Redskins intercept pass and entire team runs back to line of scrimmage for a TD (thats called a boomerang).   Packers get in secondary, Redskins QB throws ball, etc.  Keep going until each team scores 8 times.  (the defensive team period was conducted during a downpour).  Anybody drops a ball, whole team does 10 merkins.


First up, Epoxy v. Myrtle.  Myrtle crushes Epoxy.  Rest of Oklahomas cancelled due to fear of injury.


Sprint width of the field down and back, down and back. Bobby Petrinos width of the field down and back, down and back.  Wheelbarrows width of the field down and back.

Entire PAX runs through W drill, bear-crab square and bag drill.


  • Get set for Brier Creek on 1/1/14.
  • There may or may not be a football game at Zero Hour next week.  #itskindofdark
  • Tclaps to TARP for bringing out an extra football.  YHC inflated six fifteen year old footballs the night before, only to find all but one deflated over the course of a nights sleep.