13 PAX gathered in the rain-soaked gloom still trembling from the lightning the night before. What they didn’t know was that Ma Bell was fixin’ to bring the thunder. At 0545 sharp (or as close to it as Wonk’s un-synchronized B.O. watch would allow), YHC had everyone drop for 20 merkins to get the blood flowing. We then jogged down to the sand volleyball courts where we ran, shuffled, and backwards ran around each of the 3 courts twice, then circled up in the middle for the official warm-up. They went kind of like this:

Imperial Walkers x 20
Plank Jacks x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Cirles x 15 forward, x15 reverse
Squats (4-count) x 15

Run back up the stairs to the bottom of the parking lot and divide up into 1s and 2s for some (what I’ll call for lack of a cool F3 exercise name) super-burpee-suicide-core-blasters. Here’s how it works:

1s run a suicide up to the top of the hill (up to the first island and back) then up to the top. Do 10 burpees, run back down the other side of the parking lot to the bottom. In the meantime, 2s will be doing AMRAP dying cockroaches until all the 1s return. Flapjack.

Repeato except with 9 burpees at the top. YHC apparently forgot to mention it was only 9 this time so some of the 1s did 10. Oops. 2s do AMRAP Russian Hammers. Flapjack.

Repeato except with 8 burpees at the top while 2s do AMRAP LBCs. Flapjack.

Repeato except with 7 burpees at the top while 2s do chill cut plank hold. The 2s began to call YHC names that are unfit to print on a family website. Flapjack.

Repeato except with 6 burpees at the top while 2s do a 6 in leg hold. The 2s called YHC names he had never heard before. YHC yelled “you’ll thank me later” as he took off for the top. Flapjack.

Repeato except with 10 burpees (gots to make it an even 50) while 2s do AMRAP ski-abs.

Pardon me boys, is that the Cackalacky Choo-choo? Line up side by side and plank it out. Each PAX will in turn (going up the parking lot) jump sideways over the person to their right and do a squat in between each one to the end – until everyone has gone across once. Somewhere in here, in his most snooty lawerly voice, Wonk said “this isn’t a true Carolina Choo-Choo.” OK Wonk, then let’s call it the Wonkalackey Choo-Choo. #whatevs.

Jog on up to the basketball courts and grab some wall for a round of dips x 20 then over to the fence for people’s chair. Put your hands in the air and get parallel. The slick lines around the court from the rain caused several PAX to “slip.” Count to 10 down the line, and….we’re done.

Name-o-rama. Welcome to visitors Double D and Scratch-N-Win from the hinterlands of F3dom.

Announcements: Red & White game at Carter-Finley. Wonk announced a possible Q school in Cary in the near future. And one other, I forget.

Prayer requests: Pray for Nabisco and Surcharge, who are getting snipped today. Yeah, that kind of snip. No word on whether they got a BOGO.

Ma Bell took us out in prayer.

It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of a great group of men in harmonious camaraderie this fine Spring morning.