Posted on behalf of YHC – Boots & Pants

As the PAX arrived today finding the landscape of CLEATUS transformed into swamps, and mud pits. What to do?

Jog the soccer fields surveying the landscape. YHC could have used a headlamp as I lead Yosef into a mud pit, which YHC thought was part of the sidewalk. Old age bad low light vision.

Circle up:

30 SSH


15 ea Fazio Arm Circles

30 Good Mornings

30 Mountain Climbers

Plankorama 15 count



The Fiddler crab emerged from the landscape. Over to the tennis courts for a little Full Court Press.

Start: 1 BURPEE “Bear crawl” to mid court: 2 MERKINS “Fiddler crab” to end court: 3 SQUATS, Lunge walk back, plank til all PAX complete. Then 2-4-6, 3-6-9, 4-8-12, and final round of 5-10-15.



30 Flappy Bird – thanks for the introduction Yosef

30 LBC’s

30 American Hammer

30 Rosalita

30 Reverse LBC

Boat Canoes

A much need round of STRETCHING






Prayers and well wishes for those F3 brothers, family & friends taking on Rock n Roll Marathon, Mud Run and Spartan this weekend. To all good luck!

Again was an honor to lead my fellow F3 brothers, for without them I would be a sad clown.