Nessman put out the call for a Q a couple of days ago, so having hit 3 Qs during the bday week, I figured what the hell, why not one more.  Of course being the day before the Mud Run, I asked permission to have it be a toned down version, and Nessman concurred.  Well, Dingo got on twitter telling me I’d better bring my A game and suggesting I was scared of Extra Credit….well it was on!  Regular workout and EC.  I’ll let you know how it affects the MR.  To make things more interesting, Franzia invited to co-Q.  Here goes:

EC – Franzia led the EC for Epoxy, Beaver, and Dingo.  Jog through the woods in what felt like a mini mud run given the rain last night.  Stop along the route for 5 burpees OYO.  Jog to playground for a series of swing derkins (swerkins) and low plank holds.  Jog back down the path for 5 more burpees OYO.  Jog to pavilion for dips and LBCs (don’t recall counts but 10-15 of each).

EC crowd meets up with the rest of the crew of 10 for warm-up led by Franzia.  SSH x 25, GM x 15, Windmills x 10, std merkins x 15, and xxxxx

Franzia turns things over to Epoxy.  Still have sandbags in truck so grab a bag.  Tried to get new bags last night at Lowes to no avail, so someone’s going to get sandy from the holes!  Carry bags across parking lot to area where 3 agility ladders and cones are spread the length of the lot.  Curls x 20 (all bag exercises in cadence so really double the counts noted), tricep ext X 15, Bent over row x 15….I believe we repeated that set, but I don’t recall.

Line up in front of ladders (3 in front of each and 4 at one, kind of like a shotgun start for spacing) for agility drills and slides or move of your choice between cones that were positioned between the ladders.  Through the entire circuit 3 times.  Props to Franzia and a few others for plank walk merkins on one ladder voluntarily and bear crawls between cones.  Return to bags for Curls x 15, Tricep Ext x 10, and Rows x 15.

5 pax return to ladders while the other 5 hit suicides on the next aisle of the lot (suicides were normal for first time through and then basketball slides for subsequent suicides til done.  2 times through the ladders was the clock.  Only rule this time was middle ladder each time had to be plank walk merkins with bear crawls to follow that ladder.  Once complete return to bags for Curls x 15, Ext x 10, and Rows x 15.

5 pax that just did ladders rotate to suicides and vice versa….same rules apply.  Return to bags for Curls x 15 and Rows x 15.

Sprint length of lot and return for curls x 10, sprint length of lots and return for curls x 5, and finally sprint one more and curls x 5.

Circle up for Jack Webbs with sandbags in 1 merkin : 4 overhead press ratio.  1:4, 2:8, 3:12 up to 10:43 (my new age of course).  For those keeping score that’s 55 merkins and 223 presses in that several minute span.  Someone mentioned how the arms simply get heavy during a JW, the sandbags certainly add an element of ridiculousness….well done all!  Turn it over to Franzia who calls what….merkins and what felt like a 20 minute (was probably 3-5 actually) plank-o-rama after our arms were already shot.  Follow that up with Freddie Mercury x 15 with a sandbag press, LBCs x 25, and perhaps one other….we had had enough!

COT: Mud run tomorrow: good luck and prayers for that group;  Flag football on 4/18 for charity – check the web; Dingo mentioned something on 4/25 and I apologize for forgetting (add to comments and I’ll update it).

Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family; Peach Pit’s dad, and one other that I’m also forgetting.  Also forgot who took us out…maybe I should start writing things down in my old age (remind me and I’ll update).

Thanks for the opportunity for Franzia and me to see some faces and a park we don’t often visit.  Really enjoyed it.  And thanks for showing up Nessman!

Epoxy and Franzia