An exciting day at The Arena as the shirts arrived and were ready to be earned.  Quick aside – the shirts really are badass and T-claps again to Azul, Steroid, Haywood (CLT),  Malko (CLT), and F3F for your help in getting this project done.

Good balance today with 6 F3 Raleigh pax and 7 THP pax.  Took a little longer recruiting than usual  but by 2:35 we were ready to go with 3 FNGs having the courage to step into the Arena.

WARMUP (In the grass by courtyard)

SSH x 15, Good Afternoons x 10, Mtn Climbers x 15, Merkins x 5, Wide Arm Merkins x 5, Diamond Merkins x 5


Run over to the field across Goode St near the railroad tracks.  Partner up.  Partner 1 sprints to tracks and back while Partner 2 does called exercise, flapjack.  Called exercises were sumo squat jumps, merkins, plank hold.  5 burpees OYO.

Mosey over to the volleyball court.  Partner 1 bear crawls down sideline, defensive slides across end line, bear crawl back down other sideline, defensive slide across end line to start, while Partner 2 does AMRAP American Hammers.  Flapjack.  Some pax trailed to bail at this point but were talked into gutting it out.

Over to the power pole field.  Merkin intervals.  3 power poles, increase by 5 merkins at each, starting at 5.  Wait at the top for all to finish, then backward run back down the field.

Mary in the courtyard:  LBC x 20, Low Slow Fluttlers x 10.  Finito.


Nameorama followed by awarding of shirts to those clients who have completed at least 2 workouts.  Prior to awarding the shirts, a few points were made (T-claps to White Shoe for this idea):

  • These shirts were not given to you, they were earned by you through hard work and perseverance.
  • The shirts are a physical reminder that you are part of a brotherhood that cares about each other.  Remember this when you are going through difficult times.
  • Remember what the shirt represents – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, Honor and Commitment
  • Country Wide pointed out that if anyone feels their behavior does not reflect the above, don’t wear the shirt until it does again.  Solid reminder CW.

Shirts were awarded to Greenwood (2nd time) and Pigtails (2nd time).  This was Mouth’s 2nd workout also but he made it clear that he did not feel like he earned the shirt today, and asked for another opportunity to earn it next time.  Glad to see the THP pax taking to heart that these shirts are to be earned, not just handed out.

Announcements – several THP pax announced their number of days sober, followed by a well earned round of applause.

Prayer requests – Peach Pit’s father having heart surgery on Tuesday, Greenwood’s grandmother, Mouth’s brother, all heading to the Mud Run tomorrow.

RNC (an FNG – personally the first time I’ve seen an FNG offer to take us out – #respect) offered to take us out by leading us in The Lord’s Prayer.  Great ending.


Entertaining Nameorama today.  Ask Chong to demonstrate the meaning of RNC next time you need a boost.

Continue to be humbled by the presence of guys from F3 at The Arena who take time out of their workday to be a part of this mission.  I saw the pride in the eyes of the guys who earned their shirt today, and was reminded of how much these men at THP really benefit from F3, and it is a real part of their recovery.