With his first chance at the Q, Moore went with his strength (i.e. strength training) and opted for a bit less cardio and a few various “coupons” (e.g. cinder blocks, bricks, “slosh pipes”). 18 PAX met in the gloom and left with shoulders aching for a bit of reprieve…

Jog around the track with arms to side for first half lap
20 side shuffle hops
10 Don Quixote’s
20 Goofballs (i.e. standing mountain climber)
10 Willie Mays Hays

The Thang

Circuit working in pairs.
-Military press with 5′ x 3″ slosh pipe (i.e. water filled PVC pipe)
-Squat with overhead 5′ x 2″ slosh pipe
-Colt 45 curls (15 bottom half, 15 top half, 15 full) with cinder blocks
-Lateral and front raises with two bricks
-Modified Hodor – Lift cinder block or two bricks from the ground to overhead, tricep extension, and set back on ground. Repeat.
-Inverted close-handed rows

First circuit: Change stations when the pull-up group reaches 30 pull-ups.
Second & Third circuit: Change stations when the pull-up group reaches 10 pull-ups

After a bit of confusion caused by the novice Q, the group organized into 6 groups of 3 each having either a large slosh pipe, small slosh pipe, or cinder block. One person from each group then ran around the parking lot carrying their coupon (overhead for small pipe, chest for large pipe, whatever for cinder block) while the remaining PAX did Wojo’s while waiting for their turn. Group completed three circuits switching up coupons after each circuit.

Slowly switching into Mary, the group did a plank-o-rama with 5 merkins each.

-10 prisoner get-ups (start from lying position and stand up without touching the ground)
-20 LBC’s in cadence
-15 American hammers in cadence

Welcome FNG Zika!
Pleasantville, Fetzer, and Devil’s Ridge cancelled Monday for Labor Day. Post to the Thicket at 5:45am or the Thin Blue Line at 7am or both!
Cookie has taken a job in Charlotte for the upcoming year and will only be back on the weekends. Keep him and his family in your prayers, and hook him up with any Charlotte PAX you might know.