Nothing better than conquering a hill named Sisyphus 4 times before breakfast…


22 PAX gathered quietly around the shovel flag, greeted by YHC jogging out of the gloom… “You should probably stretch your legs…” Welcome to the North Hills BackBlast. Lets do this!

Warm up

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Imperial Walkers X 20
  • Good Mornings X 20

Jog to top parking lot

PAX were made aware that this was not YHC idea to begin with… That this came straight from the brain of the Wendell Gee himself… and that there was no steak at the finish line. At that moment Wendell Gee announced himself to be present. HATE avoided successfully…

YHC lit the first torch of 3 and proceeded to explain to the PAX that there were 3, this torch happened to be the last which meant the first was at the bottom of Sisyphus… PAX partnered up and was instructed that buddy system was in place for the remainder to the workout. 20 of each exercise were required at each torch to continue to next torch. PAX were also informed that the exercises may change but the remainder of the workout would be spent on the hill. YHC thought there would be an immense amount of mumble chatter but PAX pushed through in silence. Vortex was YHC partner, he did not speak too much either, just enough to confirm that YHC plan was a success and all PAX most likely hated me at the current moment and probably would until about 6:31am…

Sisyphus was completed by all PAX 4 times with the following exercises at each torch

  • Torch 1 – Burpees x 20
  • Torch 2 – Merkins x 20
  • Torch 3 – Star Jumps x 20 #legssmoked

Race partner around circle and decent to Torch 1 to repeato

At end of 2nd Ascent PAX planked for all to regroup and repeato

  • Torch 1 – LBCs x 20
  • Torch 2 – Peter Parkers x 20
  • Torch 3 – Parker Peters x 20

Race partner around circle and decent to Torch 1 to repeato

At end of 4th Ascent PAX Plank complex and end with Low Slow Flutter for last minute of workout

PAX regained ability to speak in a positive manner in COT


  • F3 Raleigh 2 Year Anniversary Convergence #party March 1st @ Pullen 7AM start time
  • 6:15am @ Pullen Pre- Convergence RUCK … all are welcome
  • Sign-up for HopeBuilder workout Dufresne is back in action!
  • Sign-up for GORUCK Challenge MAY 3rd, 2014 – reach out Yo Yo, Fungo or myself