We send our best to Gnard Dogg, who was found laying face down in a pit with needles in his lower leg. Because of the brutal nature inflicted upon the poor guy, YHC stepped in to Q the Forge this morning. Short on time, several classic Pullen beat downs were resurrected to commemorate those who have gone before us (needles and all).

The VSF was planted and 8 PAX mosied to the stone circle for the warm up. Good Mornings x 15, Windmills x 16, SSH x 25.

Robert Plant x 1, Merkin-a-rama. standard x 10, wide x 10, diamond x 10. Lather, rinse, repeat (Robert Plant and all) x 3.

Run up the stairs and lunge walk to the Gazebo.

Dip x 10, Squat hold jumps x 6ish,

French Dip x 10, squat hold jump jumps (jump on the bench and then up to the table) x 6ish

Dip x 10, squat hold jump jump x (who really kept count…?)

Mosey to the parking lot, divide in 2.

Group 1 hold the high plank while 2 karaoke/run/karaoke/backward run around the lot. Flap jack.

Group 1 then low plank holds while 2 simply sprints around the lot. Flap jack.

Group 1 finally did LBCs while 2 returned to the karaoke round the bend. Flap jack once more.

Run to the amphitheater.

Incline merkins x 15, right leg raises x 10, incline low plank hold x 10, left leg raises x 10, incline merkins x 10.


Rosalita x 25, LBC x 30, WWII x 29, Heels to heaven (stationary) x 10 slow, Hello Dolly x 25, Low wipers x 10.

Run to the wall for a final round of Balls to the wall, as requested by Mr. Rogers x 20.


All went well today and a trek down memory lane. YHC took the opportunity to remind the PAX of the convergence on march 1 to commemorate two years of Capitol City CSAUP. Be there, bring others, and feel the painful fun. The Arena at the Healing Place will also post and will join all for Coffeeteria after the fun.

Sign up now for the Go Ruck Challenge. See Utah or YoYo.

Sign up for F3 The Arena at the Healing Place here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtHl8o5KyEVvdGlYNUpuV2U4TjJFTUEyRWpscjF5akE&usp=sharing#gid=0

Prayers for Gnard Dogg, that he is no longer attacked by little needle bearing warriors and rejoins the PAX soon. Prayers also for Countrywide who is considering similar treatment to cure what ails him.

That is all.