Two pups joined the PAX this AM at Rameses for an exploratory jaunt through the OEC. Who knew we had a swimming hole? Looks questionable, but might be fun one day….

The Thang

SSH x 15

Imperial Walker x 15

Mtn climb x 15

Merkin x 6

Mission Impossible- on around with five counts

SSH x 10

Imperial Walker x 10

Mtn climb x 10

Merkin x 5

Mission Impossible- on around with ten counts (ouch)

BFH Assault: Jog down the BFH for some partner retrieves. PAX leaves one at the top, runs down, does designated exercise, then sprints up to retrieve the loner (who has been diligently doing burpees).

Freddie Mercury

Peter Parker

BW Squats

Star Jumps


Carolina dry docks

WWII situps

(one bonus exercise)

Recover with some Willie Mays Hays x 10

Down the Launch Ramp to the Swimming Hole for a mini ladder

Top of Launch Ramp: 10 burpees

Back to Swimming Hole: 15 LBCs

Top of Launch Ramp: 5 burpees

Back to Swimming Hole: Plank o’ Rama

Mosey to Happy Valley for some life on a wire:

PAX all together on the wire for merkins x 10

PAX all together on the wire for dips x 10


LBC x 10

Rosalita x 10

Dolly x 10

Slow flutter (slutter?) x 10

Russian hammer x 10

Jack Webb (one merkin, one raise the roof, two merkin, two raise the roof….to five)

LBC x 10

Rosalita x 10

Dolly x 10

Slutter x 10

Russian hammer x 10


Churham crew heading to Thin Blue Line on Saturday. Keep EH’ing and let’s get a big group over there. We had 14 last Saturday. Let’s beat it.

The Ram is coming up on 3/22. Can’t overstate this- it’s going to be a blast/CSAUP/choose-your-positive-noun. Shooter has dialed up a five stop, (approx) four mile adventure course around some of UNC’s best spots. Should last about an hour and a half. Please spread the word. Make a weekend out of it by attending the UNC baseball game against Georgia Tech at 6:30. ┬áIt will be a great day. Please email for information on group tickets to the baseball game. If we get enough interest, we’ll get a block.

Shout out to Sprewell for joining us after a couple winter weeks in the exam-induced FS. Nice to have you back my man.

Welcome to FNG Dwight Schrute (and his k9, Delta). Look forward to getting you out there more often.

Appreciate Kumquat joining us from Huntersville. One of YHC’s favorite things about F3 is the ability to find a workout wherever you travel. Glad we could play host to this manimal.