It was a morning of firsts in The Crick today.

First, it should be noted that we experienced no precipitation this morning.  We are not used to a dry creek bed in these parts.

Second, we would be led by Candlestick this morning as he Q’d for the first time.

Third, we were greeted by 200 5th graders who were packing into buses to head to DC for a 2 day field trip.  Both they and we were confused by our mutual presence.

With the sky clear, the PAX gathered and with a couple hundred groggy 5th graders watching, we trotted off into the ink.

The Thang:


Jog onto the field.

Coach Doherty:

SSH x20
Windmill x11
Good Mornings x17
Sir Fazio x10
Reverse Fazio x10
Merkins x10 Dr
Carolina Dry Docks x10
Over to Candlestick:

Jog to the rock pile.  Grab a rock.  Get to know him.  He is going to be your guide and companion this morning.  His name is Pete.

Jog over to the field, holding Pete up high for all the 5th graders to see.

Goblet Squat  x10 (Hold Pete chest high and prisoner squat)
Merkin x10
Goblet Squat x10
Diamond Merkin x10
Goblet Squat x10
Left Right lunges x16

Jog with Pete to the basketball court.  (Who’s got the rock?  Everyone does.)

Pullups x10
Goblet Squat x10
Pullups x10
Goblet Squat x10
Pullups x10
Goblet Squat x10

In cadence:
Clean and press x15 (with Pete, of course)
Basketball court suicides
Clean and press x10 (hello Pete)
Bear crawl up
Crab walk back
Clean and press x10 (Pete, you’re still here?)
Walking Lunges down
Reverse Walking lunges back

Jog back to Pete’s neighborhood and drop him off at his place.

Jog over to the LZ for Mary with Coach D

LBC x30
Hello Dolly x10
Rosalitas x10
Hello Dolly x10
Rosalitas x10
WWIIs x15
Sochi Hammers x20


– TClaps to Candlestick for a great first Q.  The review committee for his post-doctoral work approves of his creativity and commitment to exacting among the PAX.  Look forward to more workouts with him at the helm.

-Great to see FNG Donatello out this morning!  He picked a heck of a first workout to post to, but he hung in there and fit right in.  He will do well, here.

-We are looking forward to the convergence on Saturday.  A convoy will be leaving The Crick at 06:15 on Saturday.  Meet at the Pic Nic shelter if you want to ride with us.  Coffeeteria after, so plan accordingly.  We will likely be back in the neighborhood around 09:30.

-Prayers for the kids (and especially the chaperones!) who are heading to DC for a couple of days from Brier Creek Elementary.  (FNG Donatello’s wife and Candlestick’s son were on one of the buses).  Safe travels and a good trip to all.

-YHC closed us with prayer.

That is all.