16 PAX assembled for Mister Rogers’ Hi Pro Glow Rave Party (G-rated, of course). YHC’s gloom checklst: Glowstick bracelets…check. Glowstick necklaces…check. $7 digital wristwatch…check. Curious & confused PAX…check. Let’s get it started in here! Jog to the lower parking lot for…


Good Morning x 15

Imperial Walker x 20

Windmill x 20

Air Squat x 20

Mountain Climber x 20

Jog down the long, dark, & lonely road for…


Side Shuffle Hop x 20

Alternating Lunge x 20

Standard Merkin x 20

Continue down the long, dark, & lonely road to the tennis court parking lot for…


TARP-US MAXIMUS DUAL AGILITY LADDERS. Count off 1’s & 2’s for speed drills

2-Feet-In High Step ladders + forward/backward cone shuttle + 5 yard sprint (repeato)

Plank Walk Left Side ladders + backward/forward cone shuttle + half parking lot sprint (repeato)

Plank Walk Right Side ladders + side shuffle cone shuttle + full parking lot sprint (repeato)

Count off in 3’s & shimmy over to experience the debut of the RAVE TRIANGLE: 3 cones adorned with glowstick necklaces for the cool light effect (& so we could actually locate them in the gloom) identifying pain stations for the 3 teams’ guilty pleasures

BLUE cone station = BURPEES x 15

PURPLE cone station = PRISONER SQUATS x 20

ORANGE cone station = OYO (dealer’s choice exercise x 20)

2 rotations for each team thru the RAVE TRIANGLE

Recover quickly & form 2 lines for…


1’s sprint to lightpole & back while 2’s perform plank hold (flapjack)

1’s sprint backwards to lightpole & back while 2’s perform Chilcutt plank hold (flapjack)

1’s karaoke to lightpole & back while 2’s perform max rep Merkins (flapjack)

Jog to covered picnic area for…


Long Slow Flutter x 25

LBC’s x 25

Freddie Mercury x 25

Incline Merkins x 20

Decline Merkin x 10



F3 Convergence at Pullen Park on Saturday 3/1 @ 7:00am. Coffeeteria & Dufresne home visit to follow. No other workouts scheduled on that day. Not even Catalyst (Saturday -OR- Monday).

Mister Rogers, having recently shopped at Dollar Tree for circular-shaped glowstick necklaces & bracelets, reflected on the symbolism of the CIRCLE. In F3 we have our Circle of Trust, we form a Circle to warm up, we have a Circle of friends in our lives, & of course we recognize the circular Olympic rings identifying the winter & summer games. F3 workouts always come full Circle, starting & ending at the same location. The circle is symbolic of UNITY & FELLOWSHIP. A very meaningful symbol. It’s no coincidence that we see it at every F3 workout. Think about its significance in your life.

Slash led us out in prayer.

What an awesome group. Thanks for the opportunity to have some fun, Zero Hour PAX!