At Hi Fidelity this week, the pax took on the Yasso 800’s, which is interval training while allowing limited recovery in the form of jogging; not walking, not standing, jogging. After asking the the pax if they read the preblast for a description of what we were doing and receiving blank stares around, YHC gave a quick set of instructions and we set off into the gloom. And this was worse than normal gloom, like 40 and raining gloom, can’t believe we had double digits gloom. For details on the Yasso:

There were 3 pace groups for the 800m sets at 3m 15s, 3m 30s, and 3m 45s. Each pace group was able to get in 5 sets of Yasso’s and approx 5 miles was covered by the finis of the workout. All pax did well to stick to their goal times and as always, saw the chance to improve.

Close out with some light stretching and closing prayer

-To all pax who haven’t attempted Hi-Fidelity, if you think it’s not for you or can’t benefit from it, when Au Pair blows by you at a future workout, you’ll come running.