PAX gathered, and we were off promptly from the launch point to the greenway entrance across Anderson Dr.  Sadly, we missed Bullhorn and Yipeekiyay, who were forced to soldier through a pick-up workout on their own, joining up only at COT.

The Thang
At greenway, warm up with: carioca, broad jumps (10x) mountain climbers (20x), and high knees to two large rocks straddling the entrance to the greenway.

Honest 400m pace to first bridge over Crabtree Creek, bear crawl across, AMRAP merkins (20x+)

Vector Victor “bust it” pace to second bridge over Crabtree Creek, bear crawl across, AMRAP jump squats (20x+)

Easy pace to Rothgeb park for part 1 of merkin smorgasbord — 10x each for standard, Spider-Man, wide grip, nippler, and L leg raised merkins, with 10x “ups” Jack Webb-style but no rest otherwise in between each set

Honest 400m pace to third bridge over Crabtree Creek, bear crawl across, AMRAP star jumps (20x+)

Honest 400m pace to Lassiter Mill Rd., AMRAP WWII sit ups (20x+)

Run up fearsome Lassiter Mill hill to Spring Valley, turn around and back down to Marlowe, AMRAP alternating jumping lunges (20x+)

Easy pace to bottom of Marlowe hill, then 2x up hill, circling back to collect the PAX and stopping at top

15x burpees at top of hill

Honest 400m pace to greenway entrance on Marlowe, AMRAP jump squats (20x+)

Complete merkin smorgasbord — 10x each for R leg raised, simulated hand clap, diamond, hand release, and standard merkins, again with 10x “ups” in between.  YHC’s barbaric yawp at close of merkins prompted titular quote from Red Card.  Thankfully neighborhood security not called.

Return to greenway, continuing looping back to launch, at easy pace to (first) bridge over Crabtree Creek.  Bear crawl across, AMRAP star jumps (20x+)

Honest 400m pace to rocks at starting point, 20x WWII sit ups

YHC then challenged PAX to produce someone who could beat Red Card in a running segment, this time a dead sprint back to Anderson Dr., and Apoo and Lil Ryan delivered with flourish.
Fellowship pace back to starting point, and, with 45:03 elapsed on the clock, we were done.  3.5 miles total — great work by all PAX.  Pleasure to lead this group.

Signup for Sasquatch in Greenville Saturday
Prayers for Five Points neighbor and her daughters whose home was burned after being hit by lightning during the storm two weekends ago.

Apoo took us out.