A very large contingent of men (record?) came out to better themselves this fine, steamy morning at one of the decent AO’s of Cary. 27 strong with 4 FNG’s posted and were ready to push themselves. Many arrived early and the pre-workout banter was lively. Burt gave us the disclaimer and with that we were off.

Jog to the next lot over and circle up. 15x good mornings, 15x standard merken, 15x mtn climber, 15 IW. Jog down the street to the first gate. Partner up. Partner darkens 20 each and flapjack. 20 Sumo squats oyo. Partner darkens 20 each and flapjack. Jog down to lower lot by boathouse. 2 lines of men in plank hold face forward. Man in back bearcrawls to front while the rest of the line holds plank. Do this until each man has bearcrawled 5x to the front of the line. Jog to circle by field. P1 sprints to the top of the hill, while P2 lbc’s. Flapjack. Again, this time P1 sprints to the top of the hill and 10 merkens at top while P2 does Merican hammers. Flapjack. Mosey over to amphitheatre. P1 bearcrawls up each isle and jogs back down, P2’s balls to the wall. Flapjack. Again, this time P1 sprints to the top of the hill to the shelter and back down, P2’s peoples chair. Flapjack.

Mosey back to circle. P1’s sprint to top of hill while P2’s plank. Once all P1’s at the top, P2’s come on up. Mosey down to lower trail. Partner darkens 10 each. Partner run up trail and back to start.

COT and McCants took us out.

NM: A huge group this am and lots of mumblechatter. Good to see so many faces and so many new faces. This was all done without many of the Cary regulars in attendance. New Hampshire sure does bring em out.