Looking over some BB on the F3 site, this being my VQ, I wanted to make it
memorable.  I enjoyed it today men, I hope you did as well.
5 PAX showed up in the Gloom, my only guess is that the others were still in
the fartsack and forgot to change their clocks ahead!
Bernie showed up with an FNG we named Watson.  Great job today Watson,
showing up today was half the battle.   Keep it going!
For those keeping score…..#stark56
Started w/ a quick lap around the track
SSH x25 in cadence
Imperial Walkers x15
Hillbillies x15
Good Mornings
Finishing off w/ 30 Merkins
The Thang…
A quick jog down to the round about found 6 CinderBlocks waiting for us.
Split up into 2 groups of 3.
Round 1 –
Group 1 – Bear Crawl around the round about (Thanks Bones!) Group 2 – Double
Block carry to the stop sign and back Plank it out until both groups are
done then switch.
Circle up, 2 men have a block, squats, passing the block on the up x30
Round 2 –
Group 1 – Lunge walk around the round about Group 2 – Overhead block carry
to the stop sign and back Plank it out until both groups are done, then
switch Ended round 2 with Bring Sally Up Merkins…(Pretty sure this was a
crowd favorite!)
Quick run to the Picnic tables for 25 step up OYO.
Recover jog to the tennis courts
Peoples Chair alternating between hands out and hands up Finishing up w/
Balls to the Wall on a 30 count to get ready for some Mary
Flutter Kicks x15 dont let them drop at the end and move directly to
Protractor 6″, 45″,6″, 45″, 6″
Then back to flutter Kicks x15
WWII x20 oyo
Finishing it out w/ a Round Robyn plank w/ each PAX on a 10 count.
Prayers to Scandals & Fockers family & friends.
Ramsey took us out w/ a closing prayer
Leading the Q was more fun than expected, looking forward to doing it again!