27 Pax ran 3.14 miles and celebrated that which is infinite and circular in nature on Pi Day.  Big overnight storms had Zero Hour perfectly warm and humid.  And so we went in search of that which has no end and requires constant and circular attention….fitness, fellowship, and faith.

The Thang:

Fellowship jog about 1 mile to the Rose Garden (some call it the Raleigh Little Theater, but what’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet)

Circle up and complete warmup exercises of 14 counts of SSH, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, and Mericans while discussing the definition of Pi and the fact that Pi is constant for any sized circle, thereby proving the universal truth that size does not matter.

Having thusly proved, pick a partner (size doesn’t matter, of course).  Mosey to bottom of the rose garden hill.  Partner 1 runs through the arbor, over the picnic table, to the amphitheater, up, over, and down back to the start.  Partner 2 does 14 burpees.  Amrap.  3 sets of 14 each.  (See what we did there?).

Plank it out and open up discussion to the English majors in the group and discuss the significance of tomorrow being the Ides of March and the day upon which Julius Caesar was assassinated by the senate after which Fungo finds significance and determines the Q should be killed (et tu, Fungo?).  Not till tomorrow!  Geez.  Before the PAX can assemble with said plan, mosey over to the sloping Shakespearian stage.

3 sets of 14 decline Mericans/incline WWII situps (strange coincidence in the numbering, no?).  Au Pair feels the rush of a Shakespearian thespian/Green Day lead singer and considers a stage dive.  To jump, or not to jump, that was the question.  We took the stairs.

3 sets of broad jumps up the amphitheater.  If only there had been 14 stairs, but lo, there were more.  Mosey to street.  Two lines do an Indian run back to Jaycee Park, with one hill sprint just for fun.  Make on quick circle in the park to get an even 3.14 miles on my GPS machine.

We were running late, so we missed Mary and stood (in a circle, of course) for COT.  Two FNG’s today (Little Spoon and Grayson).  Great to have them out.

YHC suggested that Pi has significance to F3.  Pi is infinite and based on circular properties, as is the constant endeavor to find fitness, fellowship, and faith, which require unceasing effort and revisiting.

Being new to the group and a preacher in his day job, we tasked Grayson with taking us out in prayer.

As always, thanks for allowing me to lead this circle.  It is a pi-velage.  Oooooo, snap!