So I get this email from Franzia mid-week spouting some gibberish about his birthday, Catalyst Q, beer, pain. I said, why don’t we split it? I’ll take first half, you can have number B. Nothing like a good co-Q to get everybody worked up.

Now, let me put to rest your questions regarding Catalyst on Saturday. Yes, Man Ram, I planned everything out for my part of the Q. It all stemmed from a Michelob Q at Whiplash a while back. He murdered us doing these up and overs on low brick walls behind the Art Museum amphitheater. I figured we could do something similar using the low fence at the Cougar football field.

We had 27 pax, no FNGs, and took off for the basketball courts for COP. Side Straddle Hops, Burpees OYO, Good Mornings, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Windmills.

Partner up, one partner grab a rock, and mosey over to the far side of the track for what will live in infamy as the workout that almost neutered 27 Raleigh men.
-Partner 1 stays put and does repeating sets of 10 rock curls, 10 rock presses, and 10 rock squats or tricep extensions.
-Partner 2 sprints across the football field, does an up and over of the low fence, bear crawl up the hill to the tall fence, backwards bear crawl down the hill, up and over the low fence, sprint back across the field and flapjack with their partner.
-Repeato 4 times through. Great idea, except that I forgot that chain link fences are a wee bit wobbly, and some are constructed better than others. A couple of spills(including YHC right after asking that the pax be careful), a couple of ripped shorts, and a couple of visions of sack-related injury.

Stay with your partner.
-Partner 1 runs a lap around the track.
-Partner 2 stays put and does repeating sets of rock flutters, rock press, and rock hammers.
-Repeato twice through.

Birthday Boy’s turn
Mosey to the middle of the football field for a 4:1 Jack Webb. We took the merkin set up to 12, which gave us a total of 48 shoulder raiser in honor of our fearless leader’s special day. Puff out chests and suck in guts for the regular yoga group that graces the campus during warmer weather.

Count off by 3s and head back to the rocks.
Partner 1 is stationed at the far side of the field doing AMRAP LBCs, Partner 2 stays Putnam does AMRAP Merkins(I think), and Partner 3 sprints from Partner 1 to Partner 2 with the rock. Flapjack through for several rounds. I can’t remember how many, I just know I was gassed.

Mosey up to the top of steps for a couple of balls sets. Mosey to the grass area for flutters, Homer to Marge, Aquaman.

Mosey to the parking lot for a couple or Irkin/Derkin sets on the bricks/steps.

10 burpees OYO
Heels to Heaven X 20
Box Cutter X 20

Catalyst is always fun with a solid group of jokers in attendance. A few announcements regarding serving. is I Like Tacos’ 2.0’s project, and they need help coming up this spring for a food drive they’re doing at 11 different grocery stores. It would be a great thing to do for a couple of hours with your 2.0. Deuce took us out with fine words as always.

Happy Birthday Franzia! Hope you had a good one. We sure enjoyed celebrating with you.