11 PAX showed up ready to go at Chavis. Wendell Gee looked confused even though he called an audible on meeting location due to early voting. He eventually got there and we got started.

Warm up in right field of the baseball cage. 20 Good mornings, 20 IWalkers, 30 merkins.

We used the PAX as dummies and lined up in chilcutt with about 2 yards in between. Went from right field to left field with the last PAX on the ground filing in. Flip Flop and bear crawl back from left field to right in the same formation.

Indian run down the Greenway to the second pavillion – 3 x 20 Irkins 3×20 dips 3×20 left right step up 10 burpees OYO.

Indian run back to rock pile. Grab a rock that you can move with. 20 curls while we waited for Wendell Gee to hide something in is car.

Jog your rock to the football field.

Group 1 – Run across field with your rock. Do 10 Side straddle hops pressing your rock(quagjack). Run back across field for 10 more quagjacks and bring your rock back home.

Group 2 – AMRAP crunches, Amrap WW2 situps

Flip flop 3X

20 reach ups with your rock, 20 overhead presses, 10 merkins with one hand on your rock and flip flop.

Returned our rocks and went back to baseball field for Mary

30 F Mercs (Wanted to do as many as the Heels beat Notre Dame by but I couldn’t count that high)

6 inch leg hold around the circle with 10 count from everyone.

Finished with 5 burpees then 5 clap burpees.


Yoda had a workday at N2N. Not sure if they finished everything. There may be an opportunity to help with completing their construction projects.

SBD has a new job. pretty work

Enjoyed it – Look forward to next time.