[posted by Fazio on behalf of Yoda]

GM x15
WM x15
Standard Merkin x10
Chill cut spring upsx5oyo
Native American run two lines to BofA PARKING DECK
Partner up facing across partner on walls
four rounds of balls to the wall
Partner bear crawls to P1 and back then flip flop
Regular balls to wall
Toe tap balls to wall
Alternating legs balls to wall
Alternating shoulder taps balls to wall
Plank it out with chill cuts right arm up left arm up legs as well.
Plank right arm up touch toe x10 both sides.
Chill cut spring ups x5
Run to the top of parking deck stop at each elevator and do exercises x floor number
2, 3,4,5,6,7 =27
Round one burpies on the way up (come on Cosco)
Plank it out
did some flutter kicks slow then fast x 25
Plank it out then chill cut spring ups x5
Same thing Run back down staring with 7 standard merkins stop on floor 2 (CWIDE doing work) =27
Planked it out
Chill cuts toe taps 1231×10
5 chill cut spring ups
Round two to the top
Squat jumps on the way up each floor =27
Plank it out nipplers x10
Head back down doing wide grip merkins =27
Plank it out
Arms up feet up
5 chill cut spring ups
Follow me head back to home base
Flutter kicks x20
Plank nippler x10
Standard merkinx10
Low plank hold up and down 3 times
Standard Merkkinx10 OYO
Brothers always an honor to serve. Thanks for rolling with my mess this morning.
Great work by the Pax. Super to see 43 men having a great time while making each other better men. We named one FNG Pauly D from garner via NJ. Talked about all of us practicing presence of God and being mindful of all humans, the creator and his creation. See you all in the gloom. Peace and deep joy. May the Force be with you always.
Great uplifting prayer of civility and mindfulness lead by Steroid. MEN DO WORK!!