YHC’s trusty reminder popped up last night to remind him of the Q, this was somewhat disappointing as he intended to run with Oswald Orwell at Zero Hour.  As always, no plan in mind, YHC would let the Spirit lead the show.  With 11 ready and none new, no disclaimer was necessary so off we went.

The Thang: Jog to the back lot for warm-ups; GM x 15, SSH x 20, IW x 15, SNFAC x 10 e/w, 10 burpee’s OYO.

Head down to the bottom to see what the flood had done, once there in the face of some rough looking mud, YCH made the call and back up we went.  LBC pyramid to 35 & back.

To the tables for 3 sets of L/R step-ups and derkins x 15 each

Back out to the lot by the tennis courts for 4 Corners, 1st round 5 burpees at each, 2nd round 10 merkins, then 15 Freddie Merc’s, 20 sumo squats next, 15 LBC’s, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, then 5 burpees again.

Head back down the hill to waste a few minutes, but stop at the halfway point.  YHC was chatting with Goobs when it happened again, rolled my ankle on a stick, not as bad as last time but it was definitely going to swell a little!  Head back to the top.

Mary: American Haammer x 15


COT: YHC discussed taking the days challenges and looking at them as opportunities rather than irritations! Prayers for Papa Smurf, young lady battling cancer for the 2nd time at 11 y/o, pax in Charlotte who lost daughter.  Baby Farley took us out!

The Skin:  YHC rolled his ankle for the 3rd time in about a year, maybe start working out in high-tops, quiet morning but good and muggy.  Good work by all see you next time!

CW out!